Genetics is everything! We work with only the best.

WB Whitetails is located in Van Vleck, Texas which about 20 miles from the Matagorda Bay. We believe to grow the best possible buck you need to have an incredible doe herd. As you might already know that the does' contribute as much as 60% of genetic passdown traits in offspring. So in order to to achieve this we focused on a handful of Texas' best does' to get the job done. Those does' consist of Orange 312, 996, Blue 510, Texas Queen, Orange 888, 4M Black 1, 4M Enola Gay, and 4M Texas Super Dam. These does' are dams, grand-dams, and great grand-dams to some of the Best Brood Bucks in Texas. With the results of line breeding we stack these powerhouse does' in a pedigree 2 to 3 times to create a doe that is packed with bone pushing production. Then we outcross these power packed mothers to the Industries hottest sires to create what we believe is a superior deer. A superior deer to us consist of everything a breeder could ask for such as: the look, Score, Width, and Pedigree. WB Whitetails is a smaller operation that only breeds with the best. Our main focus is Herd Health but close behind is customer service. We feel that our clients deserve the BEST.

WB Whitetails encourages any other fellow breeders and others who are considering becoming breeders to give us a call, or better yet stop by the ranch to take complete ranch tour. I promise you that you won't leave disappointed. We enjoy talking deer, and look forward to hearing from ya'll.

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